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Load Balancers for fast, scalable applications

Looking for an advanced load balancer to eliminate downtime and optimise services for a superb end user experience?

jetNEXUS high-performing load balancers are packed with a range of easy-to-use features:

  • Layer 4-7 load balancing
  • Pre-authentication to prevent untrusted traffic accessing internal
  • Single Sign-On to challenge a user only once for access to multiple back-end services
  • Reverse Proxy to improve the security & performance of applications
  • Advanced Server Health Monitoring
  • Web Application Firewall to secure & protect against application vulnerabilities
  • Powerful SSL Offload, freeing up your servers
  • Application Acceleration for a better user experience
  • Intelligent Traffic Management to tackle real-world application delivery challenges
  • An Intuitive Interface that makes configuration fast and painless

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Unprecedented Ease-Of-Use

Our intuitive interface makes configuration a fast, painless experience for experts and novices alike. We’re proud to offer the features you need in a format you can use.

jetNEXUS Load Balancers can be deployed as dedicated hardware appliances on leading HPE servers, as flexible Virtual Appliances or for Cloud workloads.

Addison Lee

“Our business is always growing, and as such we’re likely to add more off-site servers for greater capacity and resiliency. jetNEXUS load balancers enable us to expand our requirements both quickly and cost-effectively.”
Addison Lee

Chime Communications

“Fundamentally, jetNEXUS offers us the scalability and resilience that we require. If a host, switch or site fails, we know that there will be no disruption to service delivery.”

Chime Communications


“I’d highly recommend using a Microsoft certified solution like jetNEXUS for Exchange deployments. jetNEXUS strikes a great balance for us, delivering the feature set we need at a sensible price point.”



“The team’s advice and guidance partnered with the product’s straight-forward nature enabled us to configure all our devices as required, very simply, without any formal training.”


Multi Platform Flexibility

Hardware, virtual or cloud – jetNEXUS load balancers make complex technology simple and cost-effective, whatever platform you’re using

For All Your Business Applications

jetNEXUS works alongside leading technology partners to deliver powerful load balancing solutions for your business critical applications

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to evaluate a jetNEXUS Hardware Appliance Load Balancer, or Download A FREE Trial of our Virtual Appliance Load Balancer, start a free trial now


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